“Feels Like I Just Left the Spa After a Facial. Love It!”

“Fresh and clean. Like a blanket of freshly fallen snow. I love this new cleanser! It’s different. It’s not sudsy and foamy. But it really cleans and it smells great. It leaves my skin so soft, that after I put moisturizer on, I feel like I just left the spa after a facial. So, so great! I love it! Thank you Cindy Joseph, this is amazing! It feels like a baby’s bottom. I love my new Boom Clean!”

—Laurie G., Hawley, Pennsylvania


“My new favorite product.”

“This is my new favorite product, Boom Clean by Cindy Joseph. The consistency is amazing. It’s so gentle. I use it morning and night, not only on my face but I can use it on my whole body. I love the fact that there’s no chemicals, no artificial fragrances, and especially, that there’s no animal testing on this product. So it’s clean, and lives up to its name on every level. I really love it, and I think you will too.”

—Renée N., Ojai, California


“Love the fresh, clean sensation I feel when I use it.”

“I want to introduce you to my new best friend, Boom Clean. I just fell in love with it. I use it right before I go to bed to wash my face and remove my eye makeup especially. I use waterproof mascara which is usually difficult remove. But Boom Clean did the trick! It was able to remove my eye makeup and not leave any residue, which is great! After I washed and rinsed, my face did not feel dry, which is even better. I didn’t feel any stinging and nothing irritated my eyes. Then I was able to use my moisturizer very easily. So that in itself is phenomenal! It’s a great product. I love the fresh, clean sensation I feel when I use it. I highly recommend it!”

—Migdalia C., South Orange, New Jersey


“Absolutely Thrilled!”

“It’s really easy to use. I’m actually makeup free. I just washed my face with this. You simply put some water on your skin, pour some on your hand, massage it in. It will remove all your makeup and will not sting your eyes. It’s also gentle enough to use every day just as a general cleanser. I personally love the fact that it leaves my face with a great base to then put on my moisturizer, which I also use from Boom. It’s called Silk. While you can’t feel how soft my skin is from it, I hope you can see it. And I can’t say enough about this. I’m absolutely thrilled with it. ”

—Hillary B., Aventura, Florida


“Love the new Boom Clean!”

“I’m so excited about the new Boom product, Boom Clean! It is really a wonderful, gentle daily cleanser. It does just what it says—nothing more, nothing less. It is just right. My skin feels great, it feels renewed and refreshed. I’m ready to go with a great, clean face. I feel good about the ingredient list. I feel like I’m doing something really healthy for my skin. I love the new Boom Clean product!”

—Charlotte T., Juneau, Alaska

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