“So flattering and so easy.”

“I just love this product. It’s super creamy. I’ll show you how easy it is to put on. This stuff is so flattering and so easy that I almost can’t wait to put it on each day, which is so opposite to how I’ve felt about makeup over the years. Isn’t that amazing?”

Boom Ambassador

“I feel genuine... feel great inside and out.”

“This is my look for the day, the week, probably the year. I’m rocking this look every day. I feel healthy. I feel genuine. I feel great inside and out. Boom products for me embody three very basic things: authenticity, simplicity and self-love. Considering the fact that I’ve circled the sun 53- going-on-54 times, I can use as much of that in my life as humanly possible.”

Boom Ambassador

“Year-round sun-kissed look.”

“When I was looking at products to use, that's what I was looking for: something that could give me a year-round sun-kissed look. And they make my skin feel so good. “I love these products because they're so quick and easy. Convenient. I can throw them in my backpack and just go, and that's a very good thing for my lifestyle.”

Boom Ambassador

Reviews by Product

BOOMStick Trio Natural Makeup Sticks

Boomstick Trio®

BOOM! Color Makeup Stick

Boomstick Color®

BOOM! Mascara

Boom Bright™

BOOM! Gloss

Boom Gloss™

BOOMSilk Natural Moisturizer

Boom Silk®

Boomstick Trio Reviews

“Love my Trio! My morning routine is so quick and easy. Moisturize, add Color and top it all off with Glimmer. Color blends so well with my skin tone and Glimmer allows a bit of subtle highlighting. ❤️”


“At 59, I received my Boomstick Trio right before a wedding. I love how easy and quick it is to use. The father of the groom sealed the deal when he said I looked ’radiant!’ You have a customer for life."


“Just love them! At 75, I think these give me a more natural look. It has been fun to experiment with something different from my normal routine which, honestly, had not changed much in 60 years. I’m a believer!"

Linda P.

“Never going back! I stopped using powders and other products except mascara. I'm outside year-round and I'm loving the moisturizing touch of Color and Glimmer. Worth the money for these mighty little sticks."

Rebecca R.

“Love your products! Within a week of receiving my first order, I threw away the rest of my makeup, save mascara and eyeliner. I’m in my mid-50s and I hope to be using your products for the next 50 years.”

Sandy H.

“Having worked in skin care, I’ve used LOTS of products. I gave the Boomstick Trio a try for busy mornings but I loved it so much that I use it daily—even for nights out! I get compliments all the time!”

Jennifer Z.

“Not only am I in love with the Trio… my life is SO much better after learning Cindy's philosophy of pro-aging! I am forever grateful for her and these products. I pass along her views every chance I get!”

Heidi L.

“This is a new beginning for me. I will be 81 in three days. The Boomstick Trio is just what I needed to give me a really fresh look. I feel like it has given me a more perky look. I love these products!”

Marguerite J.

Boomstick Color Reviews

“AWESOME! Boomstick Color is the perfect natural shade and the lipstick-like consistency is perfect for use as both blush and lipstick! It's easy to blend and looks terrific!”

Jan L.

“Mimics the glow of happiness. Gives a glow that looks like I spent an hour laughing with my friends. It’s joy in an easy-to-apply stick. Just dab it on cheeks, forehead, chin and lips for a subtle hint of color.”

Mary C.

“Perfect. Looks good, feels good and is economical. What more could a gal want for a simple and effective makeup at 83 years old?”

Marla K.

“I have used Boomstick Color for a long time. I’m 62, and whether I put on ’the works’ for a fancy outing or moisturize for a casual day, I always wear it for that fresh, dewy color. I will never be without it.”

Janelle M.

“The Color is perfect. I can apply lightly or intensify for more drama. I’m 64 and I have olive-beige skin. Boomstick Color is perfect every season. I apply it to lips, cheeks and temples. It enlivens my face.”

“I adore this Boomstick! It's super easy to apply and easily blends in with a few light pats of your fingers. The color is so natural. I'm 55 and like how this Boomstick doesn't settle into lines.”

“Love Boomstick Color. It’s a very healthy look. It’s creamy and sheer and doesn’t bring attention to lines or discolorations. I’m 71 years old. With my white hair, this color is perfect!”

Susan L.

“I love this multistick so much. I use it on my cheeks and lips. I like how it’s buildable so I can increase the intensity of the color. I have four—one for my bathroom, bag, car and kitchen. I can’t get enough!”

Karen S.

“It’s SO EASY! I had 30 seconds to get ready the other day. All I had time for was Boomstick Color. Put it on cheeks, lips and forehead. Some gal told me I looked healthy like I had been in the SUN! So it works!”

Linda L.

“Fabulous! I've used Color for four years. I switched to cream rouge, as I didn't need powders in fine lines. It’s quick, easy for multiple face areas, and just the right enhancement for my very fair skin.”

Ellen S.

Boom Bright Reviews

“My face is brighter! This is an awesome product that's best used minimally. It gives you a natural ’glow.’ At 74 years young, this is a great tool to complete my very minimal makeup kit.”

Iris S.

“I’ve been using Boom products for several years. Now, with Boom Bright, I can say that my makeup bag is complete! Thank you for continuing the legacy of Cindy Joseph and for developing terrific pro-age products!”

Connie M.

“Love Boom Bright! Goes on light and natural-looking with no heavy buildup! I was so excited to get my Boom Bright and wasn’t disappointed! Thank you for your amazing products!”

Carrie L.

“At 67, I haven’t worn any eye makeup for a few years. I trust Boom so I gave Boom Bright a try. Happy to say it does not irritate my eyes. So pleased to be able to complete my look with Boom Bright. Thank you!”

Deborah O.

“Miracle mascara! I’ve worn mascara since the 8th grade and I’m now 59! It’s the best-designed applicator I’ve ever used! The mascara itself is lighter in texture, yet my eyes look brighter and more natural.”

Cynthia B.

“Perfect. No clumping, no flaking, no smudging. I have spent so much money on mascara and they never work. Boom Bright is perfect. Thank you.”


“I absolutely LOVE the new mascara! I’m 100% hooked. Great product—great company!”

Beverly F.

“I love this mascara! It goes on easily, doesn’t clump and doesn’t make my lashes stiff or spiky. The soft tube makes it easy to use all of the product. I definitely recommend this mascara!”

Suzy W.

Boom Gloss Reviews

“Best lip gloss I’ve tried! It goes on smoothly, has a nice scent and lasts a while.”

Susan O.

“Love this gloss! Boom Gloss was the nourishment my lips were looking for. Rather than sitting on the surface, my lips drank in the moisture. It looks pretty alone and adds a shimmer over other colors.”

Bethann M.

“Boom Gloss: This is the only product I’ve ever used, including lipstick or chapstick, that doesn’t dry out my lips. I was actually shocked when I ended up with smooth lips. I LOVE it.”

DeLois A.

“Your natural lip color shows through for a truly personalized look—no lipstick required! I love the silky feeling. My lips tend to be dry, but now they are healthy-looking and feel wonderful. Thanks!”

Donna K.

“Creamy, not sticky! It’s the first gloss I’ve ever tried that doesn’t have a gloppy feeling. It’s silky and seems to last.”

Sally B.

“I gave up using lip gloss years ago. Boom Gloss is wonderful—the feel on my lips, the shine and the flavor have at last let me use lip gloss again. Love it.”

Ann G.

“This is so much more than simply lip gloss. The ingredients are such that I feel I’m giving my lips an ultra-hydrating beauty treatment!”

Susan K.

“This gloss is amazing! My lips are hydrated and healthy after using it for a few days. Love it and what it does to my lips!”

Debbi K.

“I LOVE this lip gloss!!! Actually does what it says it will do: moisturizes, tastes good, adds shine and no stickiness!! Love the simplicity and quality of this makeup!”

J. Larson

“Finally! It was exactly what I was hoping for! It gives me a bit of shine without being a sticky mess. Makes my lips feel nice and quenched. After it wears off, my lips feel so soft and healthy!”

Jane S.

Boom Silk Reviews

“I’ve used Boomsilk for six years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I love the dewy glow it gives my dry skin. If I had to choose just one Boom that I can’t live without (and I’m glad I don’t!), it would be Boomsilk.”

Carmen L.

“Best product ever. Always getting compliments, even from my dermatologist.”

Jackie A.

“Love it! My skin never felt better and I love the simplicity of using the same product on my face and body… so simple!!!”

Katherine P.

“I ❤️ Boomsilk! It’s my go-to moisturizer. A little Boomsilk after washing my face goes a long way. I also use it on my elbows and hands. I use it in the morning and at bedtime. Fabulous!”

Lin F.

“I’m 77. Boomsilk is undeniably responsible for a new, silky, smooth look on my face. Combined with Boomstick Color on my forehead, cheeks and lips, plus eyeliner and mascara, I'm ready to take on the day!”

Pamela S.

“I have the whole line, but, hands down, Boomsilk is my favorite!!! It’s like your favorite smoothie for your face! I use it morning, noon and night! Thanks, BOOM!”

Jan P.

“I’m a busy 73-year-old, and Boomsilk and Boomstick Color simplified my life. My face has never looked fresher. A little Boomsilk also gives my hair the right shine. Best solution for hair (and hands and feet).”

Pamela W.

“I can't believe how AMAZING it is! I am 58 and have tried so many high-end products. Boomsilk is by far the best out there!”

Angela G.

“I absolutely love love love this cream! I slather it on my face, neck and eyes every morning and night, and my face has never been so soft! It also makes for a smooth makeup application. So in love with this!”

Elke K.

“I have been using Boomsilk for many years now! I have now stopped using all my very expensive other products... saving not only money... but my skin is better for it!”

Jelly V.

Boomstick Rose Nude

“Beautiful, soft color! This is a deliciously soft color that works beautifully with my more mature coloring. Both my younger and my more mature friends are excited to have this lovely color available. Thanks for continuing Cindy’s legacy.”

Gayle F.

“Worth the wait! It’s my favorite color ever!!! I was really wishing for a great lip color and I got it!!! So natural and very soft! Works beautifully on my cheeks as well! Thank you Boom!”

Laura F.

“Love, love, love it!!! I love the new Boomstick Rose Nude. Living in Vermont in the winter, you begin to feel as pale as the snow. I’ve used the original Boomstick since the beginning, but the Rose Nude is definitely my new choice. Gives my face that same glow I get from my morning spin class, but it lasts soooo much longer.”

Cheryl M.

“Perfect for cheeks and lips. The color would be flattering on a variety of skin tones. I just use this and mascara and I feel put together. I love that I can touch up my lips with no mirror required and know it looks great. I highly recommend!”

Claire P.

“This color is EVERYTHING! I still love the original Boomstick Color, but for me, the Rose Nude is even more perfect. I haven't been able to live without it since the day I received it. I use it everywhere for everything—cheeks, lips, throat, forehead. Sometimes I layer it for more intensity, and sometimes not. Just beautiful. Thank you to the brilliant inventor of this amazing color.”

Barbara G.

“Dense, rich and earthy. I love the original Boomstick Color. It is perfect for me. So I was a little surprised to see the new Rose Nude. I had my doubts because…let’s just say it: it’s “pink.” I wondered, “Can I pull this off at my age?” Long story short, I needn’t have worried. This is an amazing color. It’s the luscious, deeply pigmented rose of an intense sunset. It’s a lovely variation of a theme. It’s a nice change, but I also combine it with the original. It looks great!”

Nancy M.

“One and done!! I just turned 59 and I haven’t been excited about a makeup product in years! I’m so tired of adding layers of makeup. I want easy as I get older and this does the trick! The new Rose Nude is a perfect shade for my skin tone and the formula is creamy and buildable. I wear it as blush and lipstick, using the Glimmer as a highlight. Add a touch of mascara and I’m out the door!”


“Cheeks as rosy as on my wedding day!!!! I was absolutely thrilled with the new sheer Rose multi-use Boomstick! The color is spot-on perfection. It even pairs beautifully when I combine the original Boomstick Color with the new Rose! I highly recommend this vivacious color. I also recommend buying several as stock runs out very quickly! Bravo, Cindy Joseph! Another 1st place blue ribbon winner!”

Kimberly G.

“Perfection! It’s a beautiful, natural color that goes on smoothly. I use it on my cheeks and lips. I absolutely adore Boomstick Rose Nude for its ingredients, being a vegan product, cruelty-free and making my skin look naturally beautiful. It literally takes me less than two minutes to apply and out the door I go!”

Lisa S.

“Sunkissed glow! I am loving the new Boomstick Rose Nude for the summer. I avoid the sun on my face but I still like to have a summer glow. Using the Rose Nude with the Glimmer gives me the perfect sun-kissed look with my summer freckles—without the damage of the sun!”

Deborah R.

Please keep in mind that results may vary with Boom. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.