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“Finally! A coral-peach Boomstick! Silky, soft, blendable & buildable in the perfect shade for my skin tone.”

—Kathleen S.

Boomstick Golden Peach™ Customer

Boomstick Golden Peach™

Cruelty Free
Fragrance Free

The Warm, Coral Boomstick

Add a natural-looking splash of coral and peach color to your skin with warm and vibrant Boomstick Golden Peach. Shop now.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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for delicate skin

Finally! A coral-peach Boomstick! Silky, soft, blendable & buildable in the perfect shade for my skin tone.

Kathleen S.

Boomstick Golden Peach™ Customer

This is warmth and vibrance, customized for you

Looking for warm, coral and peach color? Look no further. 

Designed especially for those with warm to neutral skin tones, Boomstick Golden Peach adds vibrant peachy color with a soft, pearlized finish to your lips and cheeks. 

Made with sheer pigments, just like our original pro-age cosmetics, Boomstick Golden Peach can be worn bold or muted. Apply it over moisturizer for an understated look or for a more dramatic effect, just blot and add another layer.

Love Simplicity… Honor Individuality

If you know BOOM!, you know we value simplicity, especially when it comes to makeup and skincare. So why create another Boomstick? 

First and foremost: Because you asked for it! 

After we released our second neutral Boomstick, we heard from many women who asked for a peachier tone to flatter their unique skin tone. 

Boomstick Golden Peach is our answer to these requests.

This warm, vibrant Boomstick not only flatters warmer skin tones, it also offers another option for those who enjoy playing with and experimenting with makeup.

Pure ingredients for clean beauty

It’s become more important over the years to pay close attention to what’s in the products you put on your skin.

Parabens, phthalates and dangerous, adulterated ingredients—it seems every day brings another recall or health warning. 

That’s why we formulated Boomstick Golden Peach with a clean-beauty formula that’s free from harmful or potentially harmful ingredients. 

How to Apply Boomstick Golden Peach

Applying this sheer, buildable cosmetic is quick and easy. 

First: Moisturize your skin. We suggest Boomstick Glo, our creamy, all-natural, convenient moisturizer stick. Apply moisturizer to your forehead, cheeks and around your mouth. Then, use your fingertips to massage it into your skin. 

Next: Once your moisturizer has been absorbed, dab Boomstick Golden Peach onto the apples of your cheeks and use your fingers to gently blend it into your skin. Want a stronger effect or more color? Just add another layer. 

Last: Apply Boomstick Golden Peach to your lips. For a gentle hint of color, apply Boomstick Glo first. For a richer color and matte finish, apply Boomstick Golden Peach directly to your lips. 

For more intense color, gently blot and apply again until you see the vibrant shade you desire.

That’s it! That’s all you need to create a look of warm vibrance with Boomstick Golden Peach.

Here’s what’s inside this clean-beauty cosmetic:

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Mica, Silica, Glyceryl Caprylate, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sorbitan Oleate, CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 15850, CI 19140

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Boomstick Golden Peach for?

This warm and vibrant Boomstick works best with warm to neutral skin tones—but that doesn’t mean those with cooler skin tones can’t or shouldn’t wear it. 

Some women find that warm colors look fun and vibrant on cool-toned skin. If the color appeals to you or you’ve worn a similar color before and liked it—it will probably work for you too. 

If you aren’t sure and have a cool complexion, we suggest one of our neutral Boomsticks, like Boomstick Color, our original pro-age cosmetic, or Boomstick Rose Nude. Or you can try Boomstick Peony Pink, our soft pink-toned Boomstick designed especially for those with a cool to neutral skin tone.

Not sure of your skin tone? Check out this easy guide.

Is Boomstick Golden Peach vegan?

Not only is Boomstick Golden Peach vegan, but it’s also free from D5, mineral oil and talc. As with all Boom products, this creamy cosmetic is formulated without parabens or phthalates. 

Boomstick Golden Peach is also 100% cruelty-free (as is our entire line of pro-age products).

Do I need Boomstick Golden Peach if I already have another Boomstick?

Not at all!

If you already love the way your current Boomstick looks on your skin, there’s no need for anything else. 

If you sometimes wish you had additional options or enjoy different makeup looks on different days, you might want to keep Boomstick Golden Peach handy in your makeup bag or purse.

My skin tone is cool. Can I wear Boomstick Golden Peach?

Boomstick Golden Peach was designed especially for those with warm to neutral skin tones. That does not mean those with cooler skin tones can’t or shouldn’t wear it. 

Some women with cooler skin tones will love how warm and vibrant Boomstick Golden Peach looks on their skin.

In addition, those with skin tones towards the middle of the spectrum (neutral skin tones) may be flattered by a wider range of colors than those at either end of the spectrum.

Regardless of your skin tone, if you enjoy playing with makeup, trying new shades or going beyond your comfort zone, you may find that Boomstick Golden Peach works for you.  

Plus, if you try Boomstick Golden Peach and don’t enjoy it, you can return or exchange it within 60 days. 

I thought Cindy Joseph created Boomstick Color to be the only blush, lipstick, contour and bronzer you’d ever need. Why are you creating other colors?

This is a great question and we appreciate the opportunity to answer it. 

After we released our soft, rosy Boomstick Rose Nude, many women with warm skin tones or red hair wrote to us, asking for a Boomstick that flattered their unique skin tone. 

We also send surveys from time to time, asking what our customers would like to see in future products. Our current line of Boomsticks reflects these requests.

Our expanding line is also born from a desire to satisfy our customers’ need for clean-beauty, pro-age cosmetics produced in ethical and sustainable ways. While there are many cosmetic companies, our community knows they can rely on us to provide safe, ethical cosmetics they can trust.

If you love your current Boomstick, there’s no need for anything else. If you sometimes wish you had another option, we hope you’ll try Boomstick Golden Peach.

Is Boomstick Golden Peach a clean-beauty formula?

It is. We followed a clean-beauty standard for this moisturizing cosmetic. 

We include only safe, non-toxic synthetic and pure, natural ingredients in Boomstick Golden Peach. 

We chose gentle ingredients to soothe and moisturize your skin. If you look at the ingredients, you’ll notice natural oils, emollients and humectants, including jojoba oil, mango seed butter, candelilla wax and sunflower seed oil. 

We also commit to transparent labeling. That’s why you’ll never find hidden parabens, phthalates or other potentially harmful chemicals in our formulations.

How long does Boomstick Golden Peach last once you apply it? How long does the Boomstick last with daily use?)

Boomstick Golden Peach contains sheer pigments which blend easily to match your skin tone and create a natural-looking, coral-peach glow. 

Because sheer pigments are not as long-lasting as opaque pigments, you may need to reapply this creamy cosmetic during the day. We suggest applying your makeup in the morning, then touching it up if you go out in the evening or reapply sunscreen or moisturizer.

Like our other Boomsticks, Boomstick Golden Peach is about double the size of the average lipstick. With daily use, this Boomstick should last about 6 to 8 months. 

What’s the shelf life of Boomstick Golden Peach? 

To make it easier to know when it’s time to replace your Boomstick, this cosmetic will come with a printed expiration date. Once this date has passed, we suggest replacing it, even if there is product left in the tube.

What are people saying about Boomstick Golden Peach?

Please keep in mind that results may vary with Boom. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.

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