6 Reasons to Love this Earth-friendly Beauty Brand in Your 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s

At BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, we design makeup and skincare to meet your skin’s unique needs in your 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

But that’s not all we do.

Our founder, Cindy Joseph, believed in living in harmony with this beautiful Earth.

Ever since Cindy started BOOM!, we have followed her example. For more than 10 years, we have quietly made decisions that serve the planet we all call home.

Here are a few small ways we’re doing just that…

  • 1. No Added Extras that Can Harm the Planet

    We have never added parabens, phthalates or other questionable extras to our makeup or skincare that might harm this beautiful Earth. We also use organic and natural, plant-based ingredients as often as we can.

  • 2. Responsibly Sourced, Earth-friendly Ingredients

    For example, our Boomsilk® moisturizer contains organic honey and organic beeswax. We source these bee-produced ingredients from apiaries that meet rigorous USDA organic standards and encourage thriving bee populations. (That means safety for bees!)

  • 3. Compostable, Biodegradable and Recyclable Shipping Materials

    We ship all orders in either a biodegradable, compostable and recyclable envelope or a recyclable box with eco-friendly packaging inside. Either way, you can recycle or compost all shipping materials—so you never have to add to your carbon footprint.

  • 4. Easily Recyclable Bottles, Jars and Tubes

    You can easily recycle our bottles, jars and tubes. For example, Boom Bright™ mascara comes inside a recyclable, eco-friendly tube. This easy-to-squeeze tube is made from regenerative sugarcane crops. (That’s much healthier for the planet than fossil fuels.)

  • 5. No Animal Testing, EVER

    Like our founder, Cindy Joseph, we want to live in harmony with this planet and all the creatures that live here. That’s why we have NEVER tested our products on animals—and we never will. PETA has even certified that we’re 100% cruelty-free.

  • 6. Eco-friendly Makeup Bags

    Our most famous makeup, Boomstick Trio®, comes in a GOTS certified organic cotton makeup bag. “GOTS” stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It’s a strict, voluntary standard that ensures our bags are made with organic fibers and no toxic chemicals.

    Plus, we’re always looking for new ways to streamline our production, so we can use even fewer of the earth’s resources.

    That’s just a glimpse. For more eco-friendly details, check out our makeup and skincare designed for pro-age, eco-conscious women like you.

BOOM! Bright Mascara

Boom Bright™

is our gentle mascara for sensitive, aging eyes. This soft-black mascara beautifully lengthens shorter lashes—without flaking or clumping. It comes in an eco-friendly sugarcane tube that you can squeeze to reach every last bit of mascara.

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Boomstick Trio®

Boomstick Trio®

is our most famous, multitasking makeup. With just three simple sticks, you get a moisturizer, blush, lipstick, bronzer, contour, eyeshadow and highlighter. You can apply all three in less than five minutes for a natural look that reveals your beauty.

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At BOOM!, we say that less is more as we age. Our line is composed of simple, multitasking, pro-age cosmetics and luscious natural skincare to pamper your skin and bring out your natural beauty—at every age.

Check out our products

Available on our website, Boomstick Trio is our flagship product: three compact, travel-ready tubes that can replace everything in your makeup bag:

Boomstick Color — sheer berry color for cheeks, lips, forehead, neck and décolletage

Boomstick Glimmer — sheer, pearlescent highlighter for eyelids, inner corners of the eyes, cheekbones, lips, cupid’s bow, neck, shoulders, collarbones and décolletage

Boomstick Glo — olive oil and beeswax organic moisturizer for lips, cuticles, around the eyes and anywhere else you’d like to add clean, natural hydration



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Watch Demo Video:



Watch Demo Video:

What women are saying about us...

“By far this is the best ‘make-up’ for women over 40. I feel the need to brighten up just a little. Time is showing on my face, which is beautiful, but a splash of Boom is the perfect accompaniment of a wonderful life.” — Susan

Try our line of pro-age cosmetics and skincare by BOOM! You’ll love it.


All Boom products are tailor-made for environmentally conscious women.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet. That’s why we use no extra packaging, no parabens or phthalates. We also never test our products on animals.

Anyone can have allergies. If you have any discomfort or a rash develops, discontinue use and consult your physician.

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