We Are Committing Agism Against Ourselves

Are you committing agism against yourself? Find out in this short video below!


To be loved, adored and valued

This what most of the women I know are wanting. And not just for part of their lives—but all of their lives.

As women, we’re told archaic, anti-age messages that say we lose value as we get older. And these messages seep down into our psyches.

So every time we look in the mirror we get nervous because there’s another crow’s foot or sun spot, and we judge ourselves as losing value.

And we ultimately end up committing agism against ourselves.

But the truth is we become more beautiful as time goes by, and it’s a beauty that we’ve earned.

Unfortunately, many women get intimidated by beauty standards...

...including myself from time to time. It can be so intimidating to stare down all the things we think we have to do to stay looking socially “acceptable” and beautiful.

So we either spend our energy doing everything we can—for as long as we can— to stay looking great (the best diet, the best exercise routine), or we “give up” and “let ourselves go” because we can’t keep up with all of the expectations.

And don’t we get tired of it?

How many of us have said to ourselves, “You know, I just can’t get out that bottle of dye again…” or, “I’m so tired of wearing these tight belts. I’m going to cave and do the elastic waist.”

But there’s another possibility:

It doesn’t need to be a matter of either doing everything imaginable to look 35 for the rest of your life, or completely “letting yourself go.” Instead, you can decide how YOU want to look.

Maybe you really do want to dye your hair; maybe you’ll never get a facelift; maybe you’re done wearing high heels... There are so many choices. And it should be your choice, and not someone else’s. And something you do out of pleasure, not fear.

It’s time to honor yourself.

Do what makes you feel good.

Whether you want to dye your hair purple and wear it in a mohawk, or dress like the classic “little old lady” with your shawl, comfortable shoes, and bun—that’s your choice.

And let me tell you this: if you’re enjoying it, and you’re honoring yourself, then you are going to be attractive.

Because people are attracted to pleasure and joy. And when you’re having a good time, they want to get close to you. We want some of that joy to rub off against us, because everyone wants to enjoy life and experience pleasure.

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Talk soon,

Cindy Joseph
It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.