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Beauty and fashion expert Kym Douglas of Hallmark Home and Family had some interesting things to say about BOOM! Watch below to find out what she said.



Kym Douglas—Hallmark’s Beaty and Fashion expert— did 2 weeks of research before deciding to highlight BOOM’s simple, healthy and Pro-Age cosmetics on her show.

And it all started because of an out-pouring of emails she was getting from viewers over 40.

Here’s what her female fans were saying:

“You know, we love all the tips you bring, but often times you bring clothing for women a little bit younger—and you do makeup for women who are a little bit younger—and it doesn’t apply to us...

So could you help us in that arena?”

So Kym got to work. And 2 weeks of research later, Kym had a list best beauty tips and products for all her over-40 fans.

And here’s how it starts:

When you are over 40, you are no longer a blank canvas.

This a good thing—and it’s a beautiful thing, because it means that you have lived more life. But it also means that you don’t want to put as much makeup on your skin as you did in you 20’s or 30’s.

This is really great advice.

Because when you have a few smile lines and you try to conceal them with foundation and extra makeup, what really happens is you accentuate them.

That’s what drew Kym Douglas to my Boomstick Trio, because BOOM is all about revealing your skin and your natural radiance and feeling good while doing it.

If you are over 40, the blush and foundation you buy should be in cream form.

Unlike powder-based makeup that goes into the skin and gets caked in age-lines, Boomstick Color is cream-based and rests on top of the skin—and on top of any fine lines.

But you want to start with a great moisturizer, and Kym suggests Boomsilk because it’s simple, light and feels good.

Plus, when you start with a good moisturizer, you use less makeup.

Then Kym discovered something about lips even she didn’t know before.

In her 2 weeks of researching makeup tips for women over 40, she discovered that our lips get thinner and lose their volume as we age.

Now, this is a very sensitive issue for women, and it’s the reason why so many women over-compensate for this with surgery.

But Kym came up with a better idea...

For lips, use a neutral liner and lipstick color that matches your inner lip.

Using a darker liner can date you, but when you match the color to your inner lip or gum it gives you back your natural looking smile.

So unless you’re using a dark lipstick because it’s fun and makes you feel good, this is an easy tip to try the next time you pick out a lipstick. Or just use Boomstick Color, because it can be used as a lipstick too.

Now, Kym’s next beauty tip may surprise you...

When you’re over 40 you don’t want to use eyeshadow.

This is because using dark colors around your eyes will make your eyelids look heavy.

So if you do want to wear eye makeup, you want to wear neutral tones.

Wow, all of Kym’s advice is really spot on here.

And I can’t believe all the great things she is saying about BOOM!

I hope you liked the video and have some great things to try out!

And remember, these are all just suggestions. If you’re doing something, and you like it, then keep on doing it!

Having fun is the whole point, right?