Special Message for Cindy's Friends

Special Message From Cindy

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Hi, it's Cindy.

I'm going talk about that wonderful, amazing, delicious, addicting, celebratory drink; that drink that the whole world partakes in: Coffee.

Why? Let me tell you.

I didn’t become a coffee drinker until my 50’s, which is really interesting. I never considered myself a fan. Until one day I had a cup, and we just clicked! Then, after two or three days of drinking coffee, all of a sudden every morning it’s like,

"Okay, where's my coffee?"

The next day, the next day, the next day.

As you know, I'm always talking about health, nutrition and good diet. I have discovered a wonderful diet, vegan, that works very well for me. And now I’ve discovered a something else:

The Healthiest Cup of Coffee

When I consume anything—especially if I consume it daily—I like to make sure it’s the best, and coffee is no different. I want to know that it comes from the best crop, that it's packaged responsibly, and that it's fair trade. It's going to be politically correct and morally correct.

I want to share with you a cup of coffee and a brand that I go for when I decide to have that cup. And here it is:

LifeBoost Coffee.

Not only is it beautifully packaged and delicious, but it’s grown by a single family in South America. This is how they make their living, and they’re really good at it!

Something that’s important to me in a cup of coffee is that it’s single source. A lot of the coffee we get comes from many different places. This means it's very, very hard to control the purity and to be sure no pesticides were used.

This is Clean. This is Pure. This is Safe.

I just had my fourth cup the other day, and I’m hooked! I thought to myself, “People need to know about this!

When I’m ready to have that cup, I’m going to heave the best:

LifeBoost. Check it out.

It's called

Now, some of you might think of that as a euphamism. This is the straight stuff, right? It's delicious. I actually had my fourth cup just the other day, and I'm hooked. I'm bringing this home with me. When I'm ready to have that cup, I'm gonna have the best. So check it out.

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