Livewell Network Cindy

Watch A Demo Of BOOM! And Hear About The Pro-Age Revolution


So how did a silver-haired 49 year old use her crow’s feet and wrinkles to catapult her modeling career?

The viewers of the fashion TV show Mirror Mirror wanted to know the same thing. That’s why the Live Well Network asked me to demo my Pro-Age makeup expertise during a live makeover.

And I show everyone there exactly how age can be their most attractive feature!

But first we have to start with an ugly truth:

Since the beauty industry began, its key message has always been anti-age.

But while most women feel that they have to dye their hair and smooth away wrinkles, I have a different view.

The reason I don’t color my hair, and the reason i don’t try to hide my wrinkles is because I earned them.

And it took a lot of life to get them.

After 27 years as a makeup artist, it was a change in attitude that changed my career.

I went from a makeup artist to a model almost overnight.

At 49 years old, I was approached on the street in New York City and asked to model for Dolce & Gabana. But why then?

I didn’t have any of the features that were considered “the goods” that a model should have! Crow’s feet, wrinkles, not tall and not skinny...

But my entire attitude about age and beauty had just changed. And that’s when, all of the sudden, people started to notice me. They had 27 years to approach me before I got wise to the truth about age and beauty, but in all of those years in the studio they never did.

So there I was, a 49 year old super model with my silver hair across the cover of magazines and world-wide campaigns.

And what I really wanted to was to help other women feel beautiful, too.

Every single cosmetic line—in the world!—is anti-age. There was not one single Pro-Age cosmetic line to exist ever. So I thought, That’s it. That is what I have to do.

And my Boomstick Trio was born.

I wanted to make cosmetics that would have a women look like she does when she is happy.

My Boomstick GLO is a moisturizer in a stick, and it’s handmade by bee-keepers in Hawaii. It’s light—not heavy—and it gives just a little bit of sheen to your skin.

Then there’s Boomstick Color which is a universal color that works on all skin tones. This is the color women really get when they blush!

And that’s just how use it: on all the zones that brighten when you blush.

  • Use BOOMStick COLOR on your lips
  • On your cheeks
  • Across your forehead
  • Sometimes a little bit around your eyes
  • And even down the sides of your neck

You want to be using this in all those parts of your skin that naturally get color when you’re feeling your happiest. It’s the Boomstick that does the trick everywhere.

And lastly there’s Boomstick GLIMMER. This provides extra radiance and adds a little bit of pearlescence and iridescence. It’s not frost, because frost calls attention to itself, while this calls attention to you.

This the most important thing you should know about BOOM’s Pro-Age cosmetics:

It’s not about the makeup; It’s about feeling like your happiest self.

Taking joy in living is a woman’s BEST cosmetic.

And BOOM’s philosophy is catching on.

After I did a live makeover using my Boomstick Trio, one woman told me, “I’ll be 60 in a few months, and I’m kinda PROUD of that!”

Then another woman summed it up perfectly when she said “It’s all about being happy, and being who you are.”

Pro-Age is pro-each other and pro-women.

So let’s be examples to the younger generation and show them that they have something to look forward to!

That’s really what this live makeover is all about, and I hope the next time you reach for your makeup kit you hear my words and remember Joy is a woman’s BEST cosmetic!