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Dark Circles Puffy Eyes

Here’s What Cindy Joseph Had to Say About This

At BOOM!, we’re often asked how to deal with dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

In this guide, read Cindy’s advice about understanding where dark circles and puffy eyes come from and how to manage them.

  • Your genes play a part.

    Dark circles and puffiness are more common after 50 as the muscles around our eyes become weaker and fat and fluids collect under our eyes.

    If you have dark circles or puffy eyes, first take a look at your relatives (if you’re able to). If your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or siblings have these traits, you likely inherited them through your familial line.

    If your dark circles are hereditary, we suggest embracing the natural variations in your skin tone.

    "When you stop trying to hide your skin, what people really notice is your glow."—Cindy Joseph

    As Cindy said, “Dark circles don’t have to be considered bad.” Covering dark circles is a current beauty trend—and beauty trends change over time.

    During her 27 years as a makeup artist, Cindy often created dark circles on models for a sexy, sultry look. While some women go to great lengths to create a smokey eye with makeup, yours are a natural feature!

    As Cindy said, “The old adage, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’—that still holds true. But the beholder is you. It’s up to you to look in the mirror and find your beauty.”

    Try taking a week, a day or even just an afternoon off from concealing your dark circles. Give yourself a chance to get used to seeing and accepting them as a part of you.

  • The role of self-care.

    On the other hand, if dark circles or puffiness appear only when you’re run down or tired, it’s a good idea to look at your self-care routine or visit your doctor.

    The beauty industry conditions us to simply cover up what we don’t like about our skin without considering why it looks the way it does. Cindy encouraged us to dig a little deeper.

    Cindy’s long-time friend, Pilar Gerasimo recently shared a story about this.

    Pilar was burning the candle at both ends, which caused dark circles under her eyes. She says, “I could cover up the dark circles, but the truth was, the products, the way I was using them, all just drew more attention to the fact that I had, as Cindy said it, ‘a bunch of goop under my eyes,’ and that that was really not producing the effect I was after.”

    Instead, Cindy encouraged Pilar to dig a little deeper.

  • Finding the root cause.

    In Pilar’s case, her dark circles were caused by lack of sleep. Before you reach for that concealer, we suggest getting to the bottom of why your eyes are dark or puffy.

    Stress, for example: When we’re stressed, we release cortisol, which narrows arteries, causes blood pressure to rise and makes the blood vessels under our eyes more prominent.

    Or, hyperpigmentation from years spent in the sun can cause delicate skin to redden or bruise simply by rubbing the eyes.

    Dehydration doesn’t help either. When we’re dehydrated, the thinner skin under our eyes can sink and darken. Too much salt or alcohol can contribute to puffiness, especially upon waking.

  • Managing dark circles after 50.

    So much about good skin care comes from the inside out.

    If you can’t be sure that your dark circles or puffy eyes are hereditary, check in on your self-care routines.

    Make sure you’re drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and taking care of your physical and mental health through exercise, nutritious food, meditation or other stress-reducing activities.

    To reduce the appearance of puffiness, try facial massage to help move fluid away from the area. Or chill wet, antioxidant-rich green tea bags, then press them firmly to your eyes. The cold will reduce swelling while the gentle pressure helps disperse fluid.

  • Loving care for your skin.

    Still want to conceal your dark circles? It does become more difficult after 50.

    While concealer and thick foundation can cover dark pigmentation, they also accentuate your skin’s texture, calling more attention to the area.

    To minimize the appearance of texture, begin with a lightweight liquid moisturizer, like Boom Gold™. This luxurious facial oil made with organic ingredients absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin under your eyes.

    Next, add a moisturizer containing a thick occlusive, like beeswax, to hold moisture in. We suggest Boomsilk®, our all-natural moisturizer made with beeswax, honey and olive oil.

    Finally, make sure your foundation or concealer is the same shade as your skin, then use your finger to dab it under your eyes.

    Lightweight, water-based products can brighten dark areas while adding moisture that helps prevent your skin from looking too dry or flakey as your makeup settles.

  • Confidence = beauty.

    Whether or not you’re ready to embrace dark circles fully, Cindy taught us that confidence and joy are our most important “beauty tools.”

    Cindy said, “If you look in the mirror and you think, ‘You go, girl. You look awesome,’ you’re going to walk out the door and you are going to look attractive. Because you’re happy and you’re celebrating yourself.”

    Confidence in your inner and outer beauty helps others focus on you, not your perceived “flaws.”

    Cindy created an entire line of cosmetics and skin care to celebrate who you are at every age. Rather than covering up so-called “flaws,” Boom products reveal your natural beauty (and confidence!) after 50. Check out these unique products below.

Is there a woman who hasn’t dabbed a little lipstick on her cheeks for a quick touch-up?

The whole idea behind BOOM! is less is more. Women shouldn’t have to use dozens of different makeup products—especially in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

You should be able to simplify your makeup routine, paring down to just a few items that bring out your best. That's why our late founder, Cindy Joseph, originally created Boomstick Trio®. These three compact, creamy cosmetic sticks were designed to simplify, replacing many of those products in your makeup bag.

BOOM! is the sound of a revolution in cosmetics. While other skincare and makeup companies carry “anti-aging” products, BOOM! is the only company that is “PRO-AGE.” And we are not the only ones who think age is beautiful.



It’s our best-selling moisturizer of all time. Made with honey, beeswax and olive oil, Boomsilk softens and protects every inch of your skin—including around your eyes.

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At BOOM!, we say that less is more as we age. Our line is composed of simple, multitasking, pro-age cosmetics and luscious natural skincare to pamper your skin and bring out your natural beauty—at every age.

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Available on our website, Boomstick Trio is our flagship product: three compact, travel-ready tubes that can replace everything in your makeup bag:

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Our late founder, Cindy Joseph, spent 27 years as a makeup artist. With her unique insight into bringing out women's beauty (at EVERY age), she created our original Boom cosmetics and skincare line. "As women age, looking fresh rather than made up is the key," Cindy said.

“The biggest makeup mistake that middle-aged women make is putting on too much under-eye concealer,” Cindy said. “At home, it might look okay, but in the daylight, it just looks like a bunch of gunk under your eyes. The older you get, the less makeup you should wear. It’s not a blank canvas anymore.

 Cindy Joseph

Long before Cindy founded BOOM!, she had two very successful careers—first as a makeup artist, and then as a silver-haired supermodel.

Cindy began her career as a makeup artist in late-1970s San Francisco. Working for Macy's, Esprit and others, she pioneered the "natural look" with her models—which later became the inspiration for Boom cosmetics.

Soon after Cindy let her silver hair grow in, she was spotted on a New York sidewalk by fashion photographer Steven Meisel's scout. At 49, she began her second career as a silver-haired supermodel. During the next two decades, she was featured in ads for Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Olay, Nivea, L.L. Bean, Target and more.

Having spent nearly three decades as a makeup artist and another two as a supermodel, Cindy decided—in her early 60s—to go into the cosmetics business herself. She wanted to design a line of cosmetics that was all about revealing, embracing and celebrating women's natural beauty at every age. We are proud to say that she succeeded...and BOOM! was born. Today, Boomstick Trio is still our customer favorite, creating the dewy natural look ideal for all skin types and tones at all ages.

Cindy's legacy lives on in all of us here at BOOM!, as well as hundreds of thousands of women worldwide who resonate with her pro-age philosophy.

Today, Cindy’s legacy lives on in the hundreds of thousands of women who use Boom cosmetics and skincare.



It’s our best-selling moisturizer of all time. Made with honey, beeswax and olive oil, Boomsilk softens and protects every inch of your skin—including around your eyes.

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BOOM Gold Facial Oil

Boom Gold™

Made with organic ingredients, this lightweight facial oil instantly hydrates the delicate skin under your eyes. It dries in less than a minute for glowing, beautiful skin.

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“By far this is the best ‘make-up’ for women over 40. I feel the need to brighten up just a little. Time is showing on my face, which is beautiful, but a splash of Boom is the perfect accompaniment of a wonderful life.” — Susan

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All Boom products are tailor-made for environmentally conscious women.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet. That’s why we use no extra packaging, no parabens or phthalates. We also never test our products on animals.

Anyone can have allergies. If you have any discomfort or a rash develops, discontinue use and consult your physician.

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