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40, 50, 60, 70 AND BEYOND

  • At BOOM!, we believe that women only get better as we get older.

    When we say “better,” we mean women get stronger, wiser, more confident, happier, sexier, and more beautiful with age.

    That’s because living is a process of growth. The more time we have on the planet, the more time we have to grow, learn and expand.

    But as we all know, society is full of messages for women that contradict that truth. Almost from birth, we’re bombarded with messages that say we are our most beautiful when we fit a youth-centered beauty ideal.

    We might know intellectually that’s a bunch of bunk, and we might even feel how those falsehoods contradict our life experience. But these messages are everywhere, so they can influence how we look at ourselves even if we don’t believe them.

    Sometimes we have to work with ourselves—and get creative—to fully internalize what we already know about aging, and how we get happier, bolder, more confident and radiant as we get older.

    So how can we contradict these messages when we find them showing up in our lives? Here are a few things that can help you embrace your age even when society tells you otherwise.

  • 1. Look for beauty.

    If we don’t actively develop our own perception of beauty, we can default to the messages of so-called “beauty” we absorb from advertising.

    Being “active” means not just noticing beauty, but intentionally looking for it. This search for beauty can start in the mirror!

    For example, let’s say you notice a new silver hair right at the front of your hairline. Rather than worrying about it, you can decide to see that silver hair as beautiful—on purpose. You can take an extra minute, and notice how that silver hair sparkles, how it reflects the light, and how it contrasts with the rest of your hair.

    Another woman might just note it and move on, or even stress out about another visible gray. But instead, you can take a moment to actively see it as beautiful.

    We can do this in the mirror, and we can also do it with women we see around us. Try looking for the beauty in older women—you’ll find it!

  • 2. Think in developmental stages.

    We’re used to doing this with kids. We often think about what developmental stage a two-year-old is going through, versus a third grader, versus a teenager.

    We share a wide understanding of the stages that lead to “adulthood.” We know that every phase brings new developments, new learning, new identities and strengths all throughout childhood.

    But did you know that developmental phases don’t end at 22?

    Neuroscience now recognizes that our brains keep developing and growing in every decade of life—especially if we stretch ourselves and keep trying new things.

    We don’t just “develop” in childhood. We keep evolving through every stage of life!

  • 3. Cultivate a growth mindset

    This is another big one from neuroscience and the personal development world.

    Studies have shown that one of the best predictors of increasing success and happiness is having a “growth mindset” rather than a “fixed mindset.” In other words, seeing life as an ongoing process of learning and change, rather than a “thing” that just “is the way it is.”

    The frameworks that tell us we lose value as we age are the same frameworks that say “people just are how they are” and that our identities are fixed.

    If you cultivate a mindset where you’re always growing and learning, then you’ll start seeing aging as a process of expansion.

    At BOOM!, we believe aging makes you more, not less. That’s why we designed a line of pro-age cosmetics that highlights your natural beauty at every age. Click below or read on for details.

Is there a woman who hasn’t dabbed a little lipstick on her cheeks for a quick touch-up?

The whole idea behind BOOM! is less is more. Women shouldn’t have to use dozens of different makeup products—especially in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

You should be able to simplify your makeup routine, paring down to just a few items that bring out your best. That's why our late founder, Cindy Joseph, originally created Boomstick Trio®. These three compact, creamy cosmetic sticks were designed to simplify, replacing many of those products in your makeup bag.

BOOM! is the sound of a revolution in cosmetics. While other skincare and makeup companies carry “anti-aging” products, BOOM! is the only company that is “PRO-AGE.” And we are not the only ones who think age is beautiful.

Boomstick Trio®

Boomstick Trio®

#1 most popular product! Replace your entire makeup bag with these little sticks. (And enjoy six different cosmetics.)

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Boomstick Color®

Boomstick Color®

Introducing your new lipstick, blush, bronzer, and highlighter—all in one creamy cosmetic stick. Try this today.

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At BOOM!, we say that less is more as we age. Our line is composed of simple, multitasking, pro-age cosmetics and luscious natural skincare to pamper your skin and bring out your natural beauty—at every age.

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Available on our website, Boomstick Trio is our flagship product: three compact, travel-ready tubes that can replace everything in your makeup bag:

Boomstick Color — sheer berry color for cheeks, lips, forehead, neck and décolletage

Boomstick Glimmer — sheer, pearlescent highlighter for eyelids, inner corners of the eyes, cheekbones, lips, cupid’s bow, neck, shoulders, collarbones and décolletage

Boomstick Glo — olive oil and beeswax organic moisturizer for lips, cuticles, around the eyes and anywhere else you’d like to add clean, natural hydration



Watch Demo Video:



Watch Demo Video:



Watch Demo Video:

Our late founder, Cindy Joseph, spent 27 years as a makeup artist. With her unique insight into bringing out women's beauty (at EVERY age), she created our original Boom cosmetics and skincare line. "As women age, looking fresh rather than made up is the key," Cindy said.

“The biggest makeup mistake that middle-aged women make is putting on too much under-eye concealer,” Cindy said. “At home, it might look okay, but in the daylight, it just looks like a bunch of gunk under your eyes. The older you get, the less makeup you should wear. It’s not a blank canvas anymore.

 Cindy Joseph

Long before Cindy founded BOOM!, she had two very successful careers—first as a makeup artist, and then as a silver-haired supermodel.

Cindy began her career as a makeup artist in late-1970s San Francisco. Working for Macy's, Esprit and others, she pioneered the "natural look" with her models—which later became the inspiration for Boom cosmetics.

Soon after Cindy let her silver hair grow in, she was spotted on a New York sidewalk by fashion photographer Steven Meisel's scout. At 49, she began her second career as a silver-haired supermodel. During the next two decades, she was featured in ads for Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Olay, Nivea, L.L. Bean, Target and more.

Having spent nearly three decades as a makeup artist and another two as a supermodel, Cindy decided—in her early 60s—to go into the cosmetics business herself. She wanted to design a line of cosmetics that was all about revealing, embracing and celebrating women's natural beauty at every age. We are proud to say that she succeeded...and BOOM! was born. Today, Boomstick Trio is still our customer favorite, creating the dewy natural look ideal for all skin types and tones at all ages.

Cindy's legacy lives on in all of us here at BOOM!, as well as hundreds of thousands of women worldwide who resonate with her pro-age philosophy.

Today, Cindy’s legacy lives on in the hundreds of thousands of women who use Boom cosmetics and skincare.

Boomstick Trio®

Boomstick Trio®

#1 most popular product! Replace your entire makeup bag with these little sticks. (And enjoy six different cosmetics.)

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Boomstick Color®

Boomstick Color®

Introducing your new lipstick, blush, bronzer, and highlighter—all in one creamy cosmetic stick. Try this today.

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What women are saying about us...

“By far this is the best ‘make-up’ for women over 40. I feel the need to brighten up just a little. Time is showing on my face, which is beautiful, but a splash of Boom is the perfect accompaniment of a wonderful life.” — Susan

Try our line of pro-age cosmetics and skincare by BOOM! You’ll love it.


All Boom products are tailor-made for environmentally conscious women.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet. That’s why we use no extra packaging, no parabens or phthalates. We also never test our products on animals.

Anyone can have allergies. If you have any discomfort or a rash develops, discontinue use and consult your physician.

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